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List of hospitals in Parbhani district, Maharashtra, India

Parbhani hospital directory

Aditya Nagraj Charitable Trust

Loha Road,Palam Tq.Palam, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Ashma Clinic

Jintur Road Near Bajaj Super Near Bajaj Super Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Chatrapati Shahu Hospital

Dr, Ambedkar Nagar, Gangakhera Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431514

Deshmukh Hospital

House No 75, Station Road, Parbhani Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Dhanorkar Hospital Parbhani

Bus Stand Road, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Godavari Hospital

Shivaji Nagar, Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Mother Sai Maternity Home

Shivaji Nagar,Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Onkar Netra Rugnalaya

Opposite Railway Station, Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Padmaja Hospital

Station Road, Opp To Z.P. Girls High School, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Ratnaprabha Dental Clinic

Station Road, Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Sri Sadguru Netralaya

Gavane Road New Mandha, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Surya I C U Swastik Chember Gavhane Road Parbhani

Surya I.C.U. Swastik Chember Gavhane Road Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Vimal Netralay Vimal Lesar Centre

Vimal Netralay, Prabhakar BhavanGavhane Rode,New Mondha Parbhani, Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

Yeshwant Netralaya

Bust Stand Road,Beside Dhanorkar Hospital., Maharashtra, Parbhani, 431401

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